flora in the a.m.

It’s the same thing every morning:
The light starts to pour in through the windows and I start to stir.
I stay as still as possible. I know what’s coming.
With as little movement as possible, I try to locate her.
Is she laying up against me? No.
Maybe she’s in her dog bed.
Hopefully I’m facing that way – Maybe I can open an eye and check.
She’s probably somewhere in our bed.
The alarm goes off and I have to hit Snooze.
She notices me, but understands my plight
I fall back asleep.
I Snooze the alarm again.
The ritual begins.
She moves to my feet.
And adjusts herself.
And sighs passive aggressively.
Maybe the Snooze goes off again.
More adjusting; more sighing.
“I’m up! I’m up!”
She bounds towards me.
And sniffs me rather belligerently.
Four or five good strong sniffs.
And then she sneezes in my face,
and jumps off the bed.

Ready to start her day.


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