the christmas tree vendors

There is a family who sells Christmas trees outside of Key Food on Montague Street. They live in a small trailer which is parked along the sidewalk.

I was on my way to the store in search of Carol’s Heirloom Eggs. I had just bought a dozen perfectly acceptable eggs from another store, but such was my mission anyhow.

“A good choice, a good choice,” said the girl—the Christmas tree vendor—speaking to a younger couple on the sidewalk in front of the store. She was bundled up in a one-pice Carhartt jacket, her age indeterminate.

“A fraser fir,” she continued. “Sorta the Cadillac of Christmas trees.”

“You chose well, you chose well.”


One thought on “the christmas tree vendors

  1. First, heirloom eggs are amaaaaazing. Solid choice.

    Second, I love the rhythm of this character. Her repetition is almost soothing, and I can imagine this rich backstory of how she reached this almost sage-like level of inner peace and calm. That she was someone else entirely before she moved to a Christmas tree farm.

    More more more!


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