in conversation with e.k.h.

G: The barista at Water Street just gave me my coffee before an annoying woman who was pacing by the counter, I think on purpose. She ordered before me, and her drink was way easier.

E: Probably. That barista is the hero we all need at this point in 2016.

G: After I got my coffee she promptly chirped at the barista that her Americano was for here. She looks like a retired bank manager who liked to write people up.

E: She’s probably had an urban garden space since 1973.

G: I’m cackling.

I snuck a picture and texted it to Erin.

E: HR Manager

G: Assistant*. But wielded more authority than the regular manager anyway, because of her haircut. Free reign to write up whoever. Untrammeled power, at Denso Manufacturing.

E: Also because she’d been there for 45 years, and ain’t no 24 year old communications major gonna take her job. She looks like she would have a smug smile every time her manager had a question that she knew the answer to.

G: And she didn’t attend two years of business classes at Davenport to be upstaged. Total smug smile. Unmoving hair. She was born with that haircut.

E: Had it since the age of seven.

G: Sells Avon and uses the money to buy religious presents for her grandchildren.

E: But then gives them a dollar in their birthday cards, too. Knowing full well a dollar ain’t shit.


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