The old Eesley Mill closes at nine o’clock in the evening. This is a shame because of the four bars in Plainwell, Michigan, it is the most palatable. It was a grain elevator from the late 19th century that has been converted into a brewery and is a reasonably charming place to grab some simple bar food and a nice brew. 

The 10th Street Saloon is no place for a couple of homos from New York to catch up with some high school friends, and Rhino’s is only marginally better, so that left Joe’s. 

Joe’s is a bar, of course, but it’s also a pizzeria. A no frills kind of place, frequented by locals. Mediocre food—you can get a better pie from Sheryl down the road at Pizza Hut—but the drinks are cheap and there’s a fine selection of beer. The local rumor mill states that, on at least one occasion, the owner of Joe’s peed on the Rhino’s building in retaliation for some offense or another. 

And so the choice was made. An evening of high school buddies and their significant others, packed together in a booth, sharing old stories (drunkenly misplaced baseball caps who found a new home) and what’s going on in our lives now.

And, perhaps, drinking a bit more than was originally part of the plan.


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